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TheFind Tries To Best Pinterest With "Likes"

  • GigaOm, Monday, April 30, 2012 11:45 AM

Shopping search site TheFind is gunning for Pinterest with the launch of Glimpse -- a new Facebook shopping discovery app that is built on top of Facebook “like” data. In the absolute simplest terms, the app curates shopping pages for users based on their likes, as well the things their friends like. With Pinterest’s sudden success, some see TheFind’s minor shift is inevitable.

“Pinterest’s rise has helped highlight the value of social discovery over traditional search for shopping and the lesson hasn’t been lost on competitors,” GigaOm writes. “While Pinterest has taught people to pin the stuff they like from the Web, Glimpse takes the existing data from Facebook’s open graph and marries it with its database of 500 million products and 500,000 stores.” As TheFind’s CEO Siva Kumar tells GigaOm, TheFind has been working with Facebook for awhile to bridge the two data sets, mapping a user’s likes to products, their taxonomy and a user’s profile.

“Now,” as GigaOm explains, “when a Glimpse user likes a page, the service can determine what product the URL is referring to, can pull up the most recent availability and pricing data and also fit it into different styles and trends. ”Facebook users are currently liking about 2.7 billions things a day, while the average user has about seven shopping likes.






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