TNS/CMR Expands Coverage of Hispanic Markets

Planners and buyers will get a more detailed picture of the expanding Hispanic advertising market now that a major data provider has significantly increased its coverage.

TNS Media Intelligence/CMR recently boosted the number of media outlets it tracks in its ad survey of the nation's Spanish-language markets. TNS/CMR will now track for TV networks (in addition to Univision and Telemundo, which were already included), 37 local TV stations, 31 consumer magazines, 30 newspapers and 14 Web sites. The TV data will also integrate the National Hispanic Television Index (NHTI) ratings. And the company's Marx Promotion Intelligence unit will measure free-standing inserts (FSIs), coupons and other consumer packaged goods promotions.

Steven Fredericks, president and chief executive officer of TNS/CMR, said Monday afternoon that the Hispanic marketplace is so hot that it requires more tracking. The population is expanding at more than 9 percent annually, and U.S. Hispanics control about $650 billion in spending, with projections that within five years, they'll have a collective buying power of more than $1 trillion. Advertising is Spanish-language TV is expected to increase 17 percent year-to-year, more than any other medium.



Fredericks said that the data, which TNS/CMR began tracking in expanded coverage in July, will for the most part be available for all of 2003. There are some holes. While the company expects to have expanded magazine data for the entire year by the end of 2003, TNS/CMR acknowledges it might be missing some historical data for the newspapers it added if it can't get hold of all the back copies. And historical television data won't be available for the stations they just started tracking.

In announcing the expanded coverage, TNS/CMR also released some big-picture spending data from its newly revamped survey. In August 2003, $309.8 million was spent on Hispanic media in the United States. The top advertiser was Procter & Gamble Co., with $12.17 million, followed by Sears Roebuck & Co. at $10.92 million, Pepsico Inc. at $10.43 million, General Motors at $9.61 million and McDonald's at $4.34 million. The top 10 advertisers accounted for $66.9 million of the spending.

Domestic advertising was the top advertising category, with $21.63 million in total spending during the month, of which $13.81 million came from GM and Ford. Telecom accounted for nearly as much, $20.41 million, with top-10 advertiser Worldcom spending $3.78 million in the month. Non-alcoholic beverages was the third most-popular category, at $18.4 million, and non- domestic automotive ($16.9 million) and restaurants ($13.82 million) rounded out the top five.

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