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Google's Schemer Gets iOS Boost

Google’s recommendation service, Schemer, may not be well known, but the search giant is tying to change that. Along with an existing Android version, an iOS version of Schemer just hit the market, and, if Google gets its way, many an iPhone and iPad.

Billed as a sort of concierge of cool, Schemer had some experts scratching their heads when it debuted late last year. “When it rolled out, many felt like this would be Google’s answer to Foursquare, but it seems more of a way to leverage the data it collects about people, places and things,” The Next Web writes. When people sign up for Schemer, they’re asked to fill in their locations.

“Yes, that’s plural,” TNW noted upon its launch. “This is one place where Schemer is doing something very right. If you’re planning a trip, you can input the location of that trip and find activities that you might not have considered otherwise. If I were to place a bet, I would say that much of the data comes from Google’s somewhat-recent acquisition of Zagat, a company famous for its travel guides.”




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