Viewers Discovering Social TV

Speaking at the OMMA Video conference, Viacom Media Networks’ EVP/CRO Colleen Rush identified three categories that draw people in to social TV: the ability to communicate, check comments, and consume content.

The “Three C’s,” as Rush puts it, are the driving force behind social TV. Watching a TV show opens up new channels for communication – both online and with friends in person. Others enjoy checking comments because it adds depth to the content of a TV show.

Social TV also allows users to discover new shows easier. If they see their friends talking about a show, they are more likely to watch. With all of the social TV possibilities, Rush said, “consumers are still navigating a lot of these opportunities.” Social TV is still young, but it’s clear that it has struck a chord with TV watchers.

Companies looking to take advantage of social TV were reminded that simplicity is key. In the end, the users want to “consume content.” If a social TV device is too cluttered, the user won’t even bother to use it because most social TV interaction occurs during the live broadcast of a show.

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