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Upfronts Spotlight Blurring Between Trad, Digital Media

The blurring of the line between traditional and digital media was evident everywhere last week both during the networks' upfront presentations and events held to celebrate New York City's Internet Week, according to Brian Stelter and Stuart Elliott, who provide a thorough roundup of how this theme played out.

For example, most TV presentations included at least a mention of digital strategies. Fox announced the launch of a new unit called "the Fox Bridge, that will help advertisers create social media campaigns, branded environments and apps," writes Stelter and Elliott.

"At times, the clash between the sides was audible in the networks’ defenses of their traditional business models," they write.  "Yes, the CBS chief executive Leslie Moonves joked about having a page on Pinterest, the social Web site, but the real take-away from his Carnegie Hall presentation on Wednesday was the phrase 'first screen first.' As the image of a flat-screen television was projected above him, Mr. Moonves said, 'We love social media enhancing our product but most importantly, with all of this, everyone is still talking about the first screen.'"



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