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Can Browser Fix Facebook's Mobile Problem?

How is Facebook going to solve its mobile problem? Perhaps taking a cue from Yahoo -- irony of ironies! -- the social net should simply build what PandoDaily calls “the best mobile browser the world has ever seen.” That’s right, in the wake of Yahoo debuted its innovation cross-platform browser, Facebook do the same -- but better! No easy task, sure. But, “Luckily for Facebook, it can pinch plenty of ideas from some mobile browsers that are already on the market,” PandoDaily writes.

“Specifically, it should look to China, where UCWeb (200 million users and counting) and Dolphin are showing the immense potential of mobile as an interface for the Web.” Soon in China, more people will access the Web via mobile than by desktop, so the question of mobile utility is even more important than it has so far been for Facebook. For Facebook’s would-be browser, killer features might resemble UCWeb’s cloud-powered browser, and Dolphin’s voice- and gesture-based browsing technology. We’re sure Mark Zuckerberg gets his fair share of unsolicited advice, but Pando might have some here. “

When it comes to mobile, Facebook should forget about making its website a singular destination. Instead, it should take advantage of the browser to effectively distribute its networked content.”





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