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Social Bing Becomes Only Bing In Town

Following a slow rollout last month, Microsoft has set the latest, social-savvy version of Bing as its default search engine. The new Bing features a three-column format to show users snapshots of search results, and, in addition to the traditional “10 blue links,” the social sidebar of what their Facebook and Twitter friends are talking about.

“The aim of the new Bing is to virtually replicate the social structure that most of us rely on when we need some answers or advice by integrating our personal online networks with search results,” writes WebProNews. “It’s a pretty hefty counter to Google’s Search Plus Your World, especially since Bing has access to that rich Facebook pool of user information that Google has been thus far prevented from tapping into.”

To get the word out, Microsoft has also unveiled a new marketing campaign around the new Bing, which -- surprise, surprise -- emphasizes the social aspect of the redesign. The short spots are reportedly set to air during the MTV Movie Awards, as well as the season finale of Mad Men. Adds WPN: “The new ads are a part of a season-long effort by the Bing Team that they’ve declared the Bing Summer of Doing that will include an extended social media campaign featuring ‘daily searches designed to inspire doing while rewarding searchers with cool prizes.’”




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