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Old French Cinema Meets 'Space Odyssey' in Branded Film

Ogilvy & Mather Paris has created a new branded entertainment short for Perrier called "Le Drop" that mixes old school French cinema with mainstream Hollywood films like "2001: A Space Odyssey" to draw in viewers.

Ogilvy describes the film as “extreme refreshment when things turn hot.” Ogilvy France Chief Creative Officer Chris Garbutt tells The Hollywood Reporter: “This time the challenge was to produce an epic film with a script that could belong to a blockbuster film, but in a brand new way.”

Both agency and brand are hoping consumers view the spot as a work of art more than as an advertisement for up-market sparkling water.

"Perrier Le Drop is futuristic but at the same time you have remembrances of a kind of "Space Odyssey," but with a French touch and elegance. This approach really was inspired by the cinema," added Ogilvy & Mather’s General Director Benoit de Fleurian.

"Le Drop" shot for a full week in Buenos Aires, Argentina and involved months of post-production work. “It’s very hard to do luxury and science fiction at the same time,” the creators explained. 

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