Six Hot Video And Social Startups To Watch

Here’s more proof that video and social media are growing ever more inextricably linked. Turner Broadcasting tapped six tech startups for a 12-week incubator program this summer, and many of those companies include social and video components. That’s not surprising -- given that Turner is, of course, in the TV and video business. Nevertheless, we can follow along and track their success to see if Turner is good at making bets on the next big thing -- companies that may shape the future of media via their work in social TV and transmedia storytelling.

Each company receives one-on-one mentorship with TV and film execs from Turner, HBO and Time Warner as well as the chance to “commercialize their business to Turner’s entertainment, news, sports and animation networks,” Turner said.

Here are the companies:

  • Chute alllows publishers, brands and app developers to easily add photo or video to their services.
  • Matcha is aiming to position itself as an online movie and TV discovery service that helps users find content across Netflix, iTunes, Hulu, Amazon and others.
  • Showbucks makes apps that marry social video and gaming.
  • Socialize is a new social platform that links interests of users.
  • SocialSamba is a storytelling platform that connects fans with fictional characters and creates personalized stories with them.
  • Switchcam offers interactive video that allows viewers to direct a show.



Keep your eyes on these firms and we’ll see if any of them become the next Twitter or Facebook.

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  1. rajiv jadhav from rsquaremedia, June 11, 2012 at 1 p.m.

    social samba has a lot of promise in my POV CPG & Pharma companies will be all over this like white on rice. even entertainment companies like Disney, ABC, NBC, etc. would use this once the platform is proven.

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