SourceMedia Unveils New Outstream Video Ad Formats

SourceMedia has continued its digital reinvention in 2017 with the launch of a new “in-article” outstream video ad unit. The B2B publisher will now provide outstream video impressions embedded in the company’s various content verticals.

In early 2016, SourceMedia announced the relaunch of its digital publishing platform to enhance engagement, with a focus on native advertising.

The new ad format, announced today, allows marketers to place video ads in articles and various other non-video content. SourceMedia says the units are “interactive” and offer “enhanced viewability.”

The company offers marketers the ability to hyper-target consumers based on behavior, purchase intent and demographics to serve relevant videos to readers. These capabilities are backed by a customer data platform, a unified data science and machine-learning product.

“In B2B environments, video is highly engaging to the users but hard to effectively and efficiently monetize, primarily due to scale of video views,” Matthew Yorke, CMO of SourceMedia, told Real-Time Daily via email.

“Most B2B publishers have separate video sections that are not natural to user navigation," he added. "For the large advertiser demand in video, it’s been frustrating -- stuck with sponsorship models only and relatively low view-through rates.”

The sales cycle is inherently more complex in the B2B space.

SourceMedia’s new units will allow for stronger storytelling across publisher properties.

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