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World Waits For Facebook "App Center"

Ready to rock the world of mobile, Facebook is reportedly preparing to debut its own app market in a matter of days. “The App Center gives developers a reason to stick around on Facebook because it helps users find their applications,” Business Insider reports. “It also incentivizes making good apps, because Facebook can highlight them and reward their hard work.” 

Already on the defensive over its immature mobile strategy, Facebook has a lot riding on its app initiative. “Without an app store, developers might flee to other platforms that aren't connected to Facebook -- like solitary iPhone or Android apps, or apps connected to Google+,” BI notes. According to BI, Facebook has been soliciting developers for screenshots and collecting assets to make the apps in the App Center meet a certain quality standard.

The App Center is supposed to aid in discovery of applications, as well as spread usage as an alternative to viral promotion tactics companies like Zynga used to use. All that said, BI hedges its bet with a warning that Facebook might hold off on the debut for now.




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