Oliveira To Run M|Buy Ops For Mediaocean

OliveraMediaocean has hired David Oliveira to run its year-old M|Buy operation as senior vice president and general manager.

M|Buy, which includes a demand-side ad-buying platform, is targeted to mid-tier and smaller ad shops and provides transactional processing and related services that most of the bigger agencies develop in-house.  

The operation now has about 20 clients across the U.S. and is preparing to expand in the U.S. and abroad. Currently the outfit has offices in New York and Chicago, but expects to open several more as its clients are spread across the country, said Oliveira.

This spring it opened its first office outside the U.S. in London, where it will target a similar clientele, said John Bauschard, president of Platforms at Mediaocean, to whom Oliveira reports. Oliveira will oversee both the U.S. and international M|Buy operations.



Oliveira, formerly a senior sales executive at Demand Media, joins M|Buy as it is about to launch its digital video ad platform this summer. Systems for planning and buying social and mobile media are also in the works. Prior to serving at Demand Media, Oliveira held several executive sales positions at Yahoo.

“What I thought was exciting is that these guys have traction in the marketplace,” said Oliveira. “There are a lot of indies that do a lot of business. Bringing them a set of tools that is flexible and will help them grow their businesses” is a compelling value proposition, he said.

Asked to talk about some of the M|Buy agency clients, Oliveira declined, saying he couldn’t do so without prior approval. Many would be reluctant, he noted, as they often don’t mention Mediaocean or M|Buy when talking up the tools and services they can provide to their own clients.

Prior to bringing Oliveira on board, Bauschard ran the M|Buy unit in addition to his other corporate duties at parent company Mediaocean, which was created from the merger of Donovan Data Systems and MediaBank. The new company launched in March after receiving regulatory approval for the merger.

With M|Buy’s growth and expansion plans, an executive dedicated to running the service full-time was required, said Bauschard.

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