Google Offers Sponsors Free Wi-Fi In NYC Subway

New York City tapped Boingo in May to roll out Wi-Fi service across its subway system over the next five years. Today, the company announced it is partnering with Google Offers to sponsor free Wi-Fi at more than 200 hotspots in Manhattan, including six subway stations through Sept. 7.

When someone accesses one of the Boingo hotspots on their smartphone or other device, they’ll see a branded welcome page that lets them subscribe to Google Offers for nearby deals. Among the stations with free Wi-Fi are the A/C/E station at 8th Avenue and 14th Street, the L station at 8th Avenue and West 14th St., and the F, M station at Sixth Avenue and 14th St. Signs at the locations will publicize the availability of Wi-Fi.

“We’re excited to bring free Wi-Fi to subway stations and Boingo hotzones in Manhattan. People can surf the Internet, or discover great local deals from Google Offers while they’re waiting at the subway platform or enjoying summer in the Big Apple,” stated Cliff Hopkins, director of marketing for Google Offers.



Google Offers is just the first of what is likely to be a series of exclusive sponsorships sold by Boingo as it expands its network throughout the subway system.

Including six stations going live today, Boingo plans to launch Wi-Fi in 36 stations by year’s end, and all 270 stations by 2017. Boingo hasn’t provided details yet on pricing for subway access, but its existing mobile plan runs $7.95 a month in the U.S.

It operates 500,000 hotspots worldwide.



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