Public Stations Could Start Running Political Ads

Monday, CBS reported that there is a “possibility that some public television and radio stations” could start running political ads. If stations get the OK, they will all have a choice to make: is the risk of turning customers off by running political ads worth the money?

John Vrba, senior vice president of US International Media, said, “On TV here [in Los Angeles], we see mostly sponsorships. On radio the same with a few 15-second ‘commercials,’ but no call to action.”

Vrba says that the current no-call-to-action rule “seems to restrict spending on public airwaves, along with the 15-second length [of radio ads]. He added, “The Los Angeles DMA probably has more television and radio outlets than any other metro, so there are plenty of commercial places to air political ads.”  

If local stations are given the OK to run political ads, the rules of the game change. And, based off of Vrba's comments, the Los Angeles market could be heavily affected.



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