Kids To Brands: Joining The Conversation Is A Two-Way Street

That’s what the Brand Marketers Summit youth panelists said in response to an audience question asking them what they would like to see brands doing with them on social media. Basically, they want brands to listen to them.

 “I would probably follow brands if they were more interested in my ideas than promoting their own products,” said Cami Diaz. “I would probably participate in that, because I like to get my ideas out there.”

“I agree completely,” concurred Connor McLaughlin, adding, that he thought it was “really cool” the way Mountain Dew invited social media followers to render their opinions about new flavors being marketed by the beverage marketer: “It was their way to get their hype out about their new flavor and get our opinion too.”

Sam Farrell agreed, saying, “That would make me like brands and follow brands more.”

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