PostRelease Launches New Tech Platform

PostRelease, a venture-backed and Long Beach-based technology platform provider, is ready to unveil PostRelease, a platform that they hope will power content discovery across the web. The company has been in the product development stage for over a year.

PostRelease's advertising allows marketers to post images, videos, and written content to blogs, forums, and content sites as sponsored articles and posts. As the platform rises in popularity, the company strives to directly address the challenge of driving content discovery.

“Our goal is to provide the ease and control of display advertising with the deeper engagement of content,” said Justin Choi, CEO of PostRelease.

According to Choi, the company’s software also allows marketers new levels of control over their content marketing efforts. PostRelease’s software automatically identifies contextually relevant publications and inserts the content, optimizes the placements based on response rates, and provides analytics of the results. In addition to contextual matching, companies further target their content by geographic region or device.



Advertisers will also be able monitor their content through a dashboard on PostRelease’s website. Through PostRelease’s analytics, advertisers will be able to track the number of articles read, videos viewed, time spent on content, and shares. This level of control is a feature that Choi says makes for product innovation.

“The lack of scalability makes a big challenge for brand discovery,” Choi said. “Providing scalable discovery allows [consumers] to cross a lot of sites that are contextually relevant.”

“[PostRelease] wants to reach people with meaningful information that is relevant to them that just happens to come from an advertiser,” Choi said.

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