Despite AutoHop, Dish Network Works With Advertisers On Addressability

Advertisers aren't all that upset with Dish Network, the maker of a more efficient system to skip commercials called AutoHop.

While TV networks are legally trying to get Dish to back off from AutoHop, the networks advertising clients are still doing addressable advertising trials with the satellite programming company.

So Dish executives would seem to be telling advertisers: "If consumers really, really want a particular TV commercial, they can get it -- but it better be good. Not only that, but if your TV commercial sucks or isn't targeted to the right viewer, you'll lose out big time. Your consumers will just AutoHop it -- or worse.

To marketers, in other words: Work harder. (And we might be here to help.)



The initial reaction to AutoHop from media agency Starcom MediaVest Group Exchange was angry enough for Starcom to consider curtailing its future advertising activity with Dish.

Now, it seems that for all the headlines Dish made with AutoHop, theres actually a mixed picture concerning marketers and their media agencies. A new addressable technology test was announced Wednesday by Dish and media agency Group M, on behalf of its marketing clients.

Many executives would tell you these are two separate things, that addressable advertising could cure commercial avoidance of all types by targeting commercials to those consumers who want them. But Dish would tell you its also right to give consumers better ways to time-shift without seeing commercials.

All this is not necessarily the end of the story. The legal issues the major networks have with Dish won't go away soon, because the networks believe AutoHop violates program carriage deals.

One interesting ongoing wrinkle could come in future addressable efforts, where TV networks would need to make inventory available.

Back in the late 90s, there was strong reaction to initial time-shifting DVR machines and technology. Yet today, TiVo, for example, is doing business with major TV advertisers -- mostly as a TV research company.

What do we end up with here -- strange bedfellows or just evolving TV business relations?

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  1. Nicole Vigil from DISH Network, July 19, 2012 at 11:12 p.m.

    I hope we end up with evolving TV business relations. I used to not be bothered by commercials, but then they all started getting annoying and I hated having to watch the same set of commercials three to four times in one 30-minute episode. I stopped watching live TV altogether, and now I mainly depend on my DVR if I feel like watching a little TV. Now that I’ve been working for Dish for a while, I’ve upgraded to a Hopper. I’ve fallen in love with the PrimeTime Anytime feature because it records primetime for me of the four major networks while I record two other things. I feel like I’m able to watch more TV thanks to Dish. If advertisers can make commercials that I want to watch then I’ll watch them, but for now, I choose to use Auto Hop whenever I can.

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