'USA Today' Raises HIV/AIDS Awareness

USA-Today-AThis weekend, Mediaplanet Publishing is raising awareness of the global HIV/AIDS epidemic with a special, tabloid-format section distributed in USA Today in major markets around the country.

The special section, which is timed to coincide with the 2012 International AIDS Conference in Washington, D.C., should reach approximately 3 million readers in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., South Florida, Philadelphia and Los Angeles, according to Mediaplanet.
The third in a series of publications for Mediaplanet’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign, the publication is sponsored by corporate and nonprofit organizations, including ONE, (RED), the International AIDS Society, UNAIDS, The Fenway Institute, the Center for Health and Gender Equity, the Latino Commission on AIDS, the United Methodist Committee on Relief, the American Social Health Association, Sir Richard’s Condoms, and the Global Forum on MSM and HIV.
In addition to the distribution agreement with USA Today, the publication will also be distributed at a number of HIV/AIDS-related events, including the AIDS conference, as well as the National Minority AIDS Council’s Conference on AIDS in Las Vegas.



The new HIV/AIDS awareness initiative also coincides with intensive marketing programs by major condom makers.

Trojan is boosting brand awareness through a partnership with Healthguru.com, sponsoring an interactive video series dealing with questions about sex and sexual health. Durex has introduced a new Facebook app to help couples “sync up” their lovemaking by choosing the right song, and has also partnered with celebrity spokescouple Ice T and Coco, who hosted a Facebook event and Twitter party that generated around 4 million impressions.

Plus, LifeStyles has partnered with Identity, a touring electronic music festival, to distribute free samples at events around the country. The AIDS Healthcare Foundation is promoting condom use in general with its “Condom Nation” campaign, sending an 18-wheel big rig around the U.S. to visit various cities and dispense free condoms.

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