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Commentary Debuts, Touts Site

Facebook just debuted -- a dedicated Web site featuring user video profiles, and the miraculous ways the social network has impacted their lives. 

“In other words, it's Facebook's way of boosting its own ego, and hopefully in the process, boosting the public's opinion of the social network,” in CNet’s opinion.

“Ironically perhaps, even though it's the largest social network on the planet, Facebook isn't exactly known for its human touch,” Softpedia writes. “But Facebook does want to showcase that it's more than just a site, it's more than just a tool.”

While Stories looks more like a PR initiative than anything else, Marketing Pilgrim ties the site to Facebook’s continued “quest to match revenue expectations that the world has for it.”



In fact, the site will serve as more than just a collection of user yarns. As ABC News notes, “Each month Facebook will create an infographic based on the theme” -- which marketers will likely find very interesting.  

This month, Facebook analyzed the “Biggest Life Moments” from Timelines. As it turns out, users are adding more stories about travel to their Timelines than any other life event.

"It's no surprise that people on Facebook share stories about travel more than anything else," Roger Dow, president and CEO of the U.S. Travel Association, said in a statement obtained by "Studies show that travel stimulates the mind and creates memories, and sharing those experiences through social networks only strengthens relationships with friends and loved ones."


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