New Fall TV Shows Not Getting Affluents' Attention

Each year, our research looks to uncover television’s most anticipated programs among affluent consumers. This year, this important group has shown little to no interest in the Fall television season.  When it comes to new programs premiering this fall, very few made the must-see list among high-income consumers. The list pales in comparison to the number of programs anticipated on the eve of the 2011 Fall television season. This lack of excitement for new shows may be the result of choice overload, lack of star power or just a laissez-faire attitude toward network TV.

2012 New Shows Listed as “Top Anticipated” by Affluents

666 Park Avenue



The Mindy Project

2011 New Shows Listed as “Top Anticipated” by Affluents

2 Broke Girls

New Girl

Pan Am



Person of Interest

Terra Nova

The X Factor


Up All Night


Shows on the Decline Among Affluents (% anticipated by Affluents)

Two and a Half Men6%4%
Modern Family15%0%
The Office7%4%
The Good Wife5%0%
Desperate Housewives6%0%


The Bright Side – AMC, HBO, Showtime are all Strong Among Affluents

This year, more so than in previous years, Affluents are reporting greater levels of anticipation for cable programming. Topping the list of anticipated programming are staple shows and niche series from cable networks and premium channels.  Compared to their non-Affluent counterparts, Affluents are 68% more likely to list the following programs as one of their three most anticipated TV shows this fall.

The Walking Dead (AMC)

Breaking Bad (AMC)

Game of Thrones (HBO)

Boardwalk Empire (HBO)

Mad Men (AMC)

Homeland (SHOW)

Network Staple Programs Remain Strong Among Affluents

Similarly, but to a lesser degree, Affluents are 57% more likely to list the following programs as one of their three most anticipated TV shows this fall.

1. Monday Night Football (ESPN)

2. Big Bang Theory (CBS)

3. Dancing With the Stars (ABC)

4. 30 Rock (NBC)

5. Two and a Half Men (CBS)

6. American Idol (FOX)

Driving Tune- In Among Affluents

When targeting Affluents, networks may be best served by following the example of HBO, which boasts an 88% positive brand rating (the highest of any network) among the affluent demographic. Affluents within our research cite the HBO brand’s “cool factor” and “quality” as top reasons for watching or recommending HBO to their friends and family. While HBO’s strong lineup of original programs and movies has much to do with its high brand rating, the effort HBO puts into building its brand as the premium cable network using traditional, digital place-based and new media has helped it build and maintain a loyal fan base.

For marketers hoping to reach affluent consumers through network television, the fall season does not appear to be a strong draw. This means marketers may want to evaluate alternate media channels that are more effective at reaching this valuable audience. 

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