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Mayer Looking to Recruit Twitter Exec

Just because Marissa Mayer has products on the brain, doesn’t mean she plans to let Yahoo’s media business suffer. To that end, Mayer is reportedly trying to recruit Katie Jacobs Stanton, Twitter’s head of international markets, for a major media role.

“While she holds that globally-focused role at the social communications service, Stanton is an obvious choice for Mayer, who actually was once her boss at Google, including when Stanton was the product management leader in the launch of Google Finance,” Kara Swisher reports in AllThingsD.

“More importantly for Mayer, Stanton was the key driving force in creating Yahoo Finance, perhaps its most powerful content site, when she worked there from 1999 to 2002,” Swisher adds.

“Since former Yahoo interim CEO Ross Levinsohn, who was previously in charge of all media efforts, has left, there is a vacancy there,” VentureBeat writes. “Stanton could also be put in charge of revamping Yahoo’s popular but outdated home page.”

Indeed, “No one would be surprised if Mayer started replacing some of Yahoo’s executives with her own choices,” Slash Gear seconds. “With former interim CEO Ross Levinsohn leaving the company recently, some speculation is that executive Mickie Rosen, who was appointed by Levinsohn as SVP of media and commerce, could possibly be replaced with Stanton.”

Beyond Stanton, “Who Mayer will pick in the coming weeks and months will be interesting,” according to ZDNet. “Yahoo could become a smelting [sic] pot from Facebook, Google, and Twitter and others, in order to create a wealth of insider knowledge to build Yahoo back up from the ground-up.”

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