High Infidelity: Man Cheats On Smartphone, Confesses Intimate Relation With Tablet

After a fellow panelist cited Time magazine’s recent research finding that more people would rather sleep with their mobile phones by their bedside then their spouses, Skyrockit CEO Jon Vlassopulos quipped, I have a confession to make, I slept with my tablet last night.”

Even worse he added, “I cheated on my phone with my tablet.”

The context, was the “Stop Advertising! Customer Relationships For The Post-Mass Media World” panel during the Mobile Insider Summit.

The discussion, by the way, was less about advertising issues, and more about user experience.

To that point, Skyrockit’s Vlassopulos, added that marketers should think about their advertising more as “content” then advertising. In other words, do the same thing you’re trying to do with every other medium today.

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