Anyone Know A Good Word With Z, C, K And O In It?

If so, please post a comment here so Mobile Insider Summit Day Three opening keynoter Grant Whitmore can see it. Whitmore, who is vice president-digital media at Hearst opened his comments by saying he’s trying to “win this Words with Friends thing,” and can use your help.

Actually, Whitmore’s real point is that we’re all continuously socially engaged these days, because of that little gizmo in our hands or pocket. And there is nowhere that this is more evident than in Lake Tahoe this week, the site of the summit, where industry pros are feigning speaker attention while immersed in their hand-held devices.

But Whitmore didn’t take any offense, noting that it was cool that this audience was doing the same thing he does all the time, “Diligently looking at their phones.”

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  2. Rags Tweets from Consultant, August 22, 2012 at 12:56 p.m.


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