6300% More Of Certain Kind Of Scandalous TV Content

We here at TV Watch take a lot of pride in our tagline: "full-frontal televison."  Who doesn't want to expose and tell all?  Yes, “expose” is the key word for this column.

A report from one pressure group says one major trend has been going on in television that most people may not be aware of: full-frontal nudity.

(What, you missed it?) The report says full-frontal nudity is up 6,300%!  That’s sixty-four incidents versus one a year ago. (I can hear the tumult  of people tripping over themselves racing to their TV sets now).  Sounds like a big deal and sounds like you would have heard about it in this 24/7 digital media world. I guess big media miss this -- even TV Watch.

Turns out, of course, that  there hasn’t been any nudity on broadcast TV -- except for a quick nipple from Janet Jackson some eight years ago in that big-rated football game. Why? Because there are severe fines for that stuff that the Federal Communications Commission can levy.



The report said recent on-screen naughty stuff has been "pixelated," the technical term for bluring specific parts of any video -- including parts of the human body. So it was actually suggestive of nudity – but typically, during those scenes actors wear underwear and other coverups while being pixelated.

Whatever you do in television , you want to be "full-frontal." It's always about getting in someone's face -- in a good way, in a bad way, in a funny way, or in a though-provoking way. It's a good time to issue a press release -- kind of like putting the word "parents" in the title of your organization. It also gets attention and respect.

But better than that -- everyone wants to be up 6300%!  Good to tell your friends, family, superiors, and reporters. TV business people and those who follow the industry, who like big numbers -- and the naked facts.

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