1,400 + One

Natalie Malaszenko, Director, Worldwide Digital Marketing & Social Media, Hewlett-Packard, just gave a fascinating case study of a social media campaign HP fielded that included the first-ever live concert fed through Twitter.

Malaszenko, who was the opening keynote this morning on the final day of the Social Media Insider Summit at Lake Tahoe, said the event was so successful that it generated 1,400 blog posts about it. (Make that 1,401 now.)

Malaszenko wrapped up by citing four key lessons HP learned from the program:

1 -  You’ve got to think through the pre-launch and early buzz.

2 - Listen, listen, listen and change.

3 - Break through the noise, disrupt. Catch people by surprise.

4 - Drive momentum.

On that last point, she noted that marketers all too often are good at breaking attention-getting campaigns, but aren’t so good at sustaining them and building on their early momentum.

“We’re all very good and launching something [and] walking away,” she said.

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