Surprise: Subway Has 'Most-Loved' Cookies

  • September 13, 2012

While Oreos generate the most social buzz, Subway's cookies are the "most loved," according to NetBase.

The cookie findings are the latest from NetBase's "What Women Want" study, which analyzed more than 27 billion social media conversations over a one-year period to discover "the top 10 things that men and women want." Food items comprise 80% of both top 10 lists.

Cookie-wise, Oreo generated the largest share of buzz from both genders, with 64% of women's conversations and 69% of men's conversation. 

But Oreo’s Net Sentiment and Passion Intensity metrics scored on the low end, straddling "love" and "like" among both sexes on NetBase's Passion Intensity Index. The analysis shows that women love topping Oreos with peanut butter, while men crave Oreos as a late night snack.



Subway's cookies won "most loved" honors with a Passion Intensity of 100 and a Net Sentiment of 84 from women, and  corresponding scores of 91 and 80 from men. 

Women frequently commented on the "addictive" nature of Subway's white chocolate macadamian and chocolate chip cookies, while men "raved" about its chocolate and peanut butter cookies.

Other cookie brands scoring well on "love" among women included Pillsbury, Thin Mints, Famous Amos, Girl Scout Cookies, Keebler, Chips Ahoy, Starbucks and Double Stuf Oreos.

Other cookie brands scoring well on love among men included Otis Sunkmeyer, Thin Mints, Famous Amos, Girl Scoutand Starbucks. 

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