Colbert Super PAC AWOL

The organization launched with such promise. It was going to avoid politics as usual. It was more interested in justice than the ballot box. It would have appeal across party lines.

But now it needs a reboot. The leader, Stephen Colbert, needs to meet with himself and devise a plan to win hearts and minds between now and election day.

Perhaps it would be a good time to have a secret video made of him trashing Jon Stewart and his viewers. It would be a good time to accuse Canada of using its military, all five members, to subvert world order. It would be a good time to run ads with clips of former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s recent convention speech, questioning why Democrats didn’t do a blood alcohol test before letting her go on stage. 

Something needs to be done to move back into the news cycle. Colbert’s super PAC, Americans For A Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow (ABTT), seems to have gone AWOL. While America seems to have recovered from Herman Cain and Rick Perry dropping out of the presidential race, ABTT seems to be inconsolable and unable to move ahead.



ABTT defied odds by raising some big bucks, $1.2 million. That gave it the chance to do some creative things early this year. Now, it appears the organization run by the Comedy Central hero is sitting on enough cash to buy every TV ad in Mankato, Minn. over the next two months, and yet Colbert doesn’t appear to be doing anything to show that he can manage a super PAC better than Karl Rove.

ABTT had $775,000 in cash on hand as of the end of July, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.    

Is Colbert taking the name of his group too literally, as in thinking tomorrow is the 2020 campaign?

If so, Colbert is cheating his donors. They want a demonstration of just how corrosive money is in politics – they gave their money to be united against Citizens United.

But there is time. If Mitt Romney thinks he can recover, Colbert can certainly make the impact he sought. Tomorrow is now!

Hopefully, Colbert planned on making a splash and then retrenching before coming back for an October surprise.

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