Seasons of Change: No Rest For Television, Consumers Or Marketers

The new TV season has started -- but is there any real excitement with the rush of new shows? Surprisingly, yes. But the excitement now comes in more fractionalized pieces.

NBC's CEO Alan Wurtzel told The New York Times there were 633 new and returning premieres of TV shows in 2011. This year? Almost double -- 1122.

All of which forced Wurtzel to say what many have been thinking for a long time: Why should be the focus be on the fall TV season when networks are starting shows year-round?

CBS, for one, likes the collective buzz of having one time of the year when lots of shows start -- a time that incites interest among consumers. And, of course, the financial model supports this with back-to-school marketing, car marketing for next year's models, and the increased rush of customers going back indoors from their summer activities.

But at the same time, you have decreasing amounts of real interest in specific shows -- ratings, that is. And there is more: according to FX, current tracking research shows that  "no new show on broadcast television has reached 10 percent awareness.” You know what that means? Expect lower ratings versus a year ago.



What to do? Think about more year-round activities. The truth is, people are working harder than ever, and buying stuff year round. Back to school? Seems that education needs to be almost year round as well. Getting people back from many weeks at the beach? Probably a myth -- a suburban, non-urban legend

There are still Europeans who look at Americans and wonder why they work so hard. Some politicians in this country might believe the opposite – that we don't work hard enough

Don't fret. Hopeful signs include the continued climb in usage of TV and new entertainment devices -- all good news for big media and big TV producers.

Nielsen tells us the official start of the 2012-13 TV season -- stuff that supposedly counts for advertisers -- began on Sept. 24. But we all know stuff is going on year round -- for networks, for marketers and for viewers

Fall leaves, snow and wind, spring rain, and hot sunny days. Those are the real tangible marks of seasons. Everything else just consists of marketing, education, work, and relaxation opportunities. Filter TV viewing in there, as well.

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