Jumptap Teams With BlueKai

  • November 27, 2012

BlueKai in September extended its Data Activation System to the mobile realm, allowing marketers to tap into first- and third-party mobile data for ad retargeting.

On Tuesday, the company and Jumptap announced a partnership under which the mobile ad network will add BlueKai as a third-party data provider to target advertising across segments, including purchase intent, past purchases, geographic and demographic data, interests and lifestyle.

“Through this partnership, we’re expanding our toolbox significantly to enable advertisers to go beyond network-specific data to promote better ad relevancy and ROI,” stated Adam Soroca, chief product officer and GM at Jumptap.

For mobile ad targeting, BlueKai drops pixels across its publisher network, which are then matched against targeting segments and an IP address. When Jumptap recognizes repeat users on its network, it then matches the segments sent by BlueKai to deliver a relevant ad.

In addition to adopting BlueKai’s Mobile Privacy Guard technology to help ensure user anonymity on mobile devices, Jumptap noted that it displays the AdChoice privacy icon in behaviorally targeted mobile ads. 



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