What Is Today's Networked Mom Thankful For?

Today’s networked mom is thankful for so many things. With the advances in technology and the advent of social media, she now has the tools at her disposal to share ideas, connect with others who share her passions and the ability to amplify her voice to affect change whether it’s personal growth to sharing her voice for causes she is passionate about. The term “mommy bloggers” is simply not indicative of today’s networked mom. 

So what is today’s networked mom thankful for?

She’s thankful for technology:
It helps her stay connected to family, friends and current events. She likes being knowledgeable and in touch despite the fact it can often be seen as a time suck. Technology and social media have enabled her to create businesses she can run from her home while managing her job as mom. 

She’s thankful for creative and intellectual outlets:
The internet is always available and accessible, so she doesn’t feel starved or alienated during times that have historically made women feel alone and unheard. She can still tap into the conversation, while she’s pregnant, taking care of a newborn, raising kids, in between jobs, taking care of a loved one in need, etc., all the jobs that women have bravely and more often than not, quietly, gone about doing, in order for the family, society, world to function.



She’s thankful for how technology has enabled a sense of inner fulfillment: 
Social media and smartphones enabled her to be a first responder in the days following Sandy. And if she wasn’t able to be there physically, she was able to use social networking to mobilize the community. 

She’s thankful that her voice and her rights played a significant role in this election:
We don’t need to belabor this point. We all know it, and she acted on it, resulting in this election’s outcome. 

She’s thankful for inspirational role models:
Women like Michelle Obama and Hilary Clinton --mothers who are managing to be amazing global citizens while raising healthy, happy and intelligent children.

She’s thankful for instant answers:
The instant she has a question, about her kid’s health, the best driving route, how to effectively help her community, she has the answers at her fingertips.

She’s thankful kids are a part of the digital generation:
The dialogue she’s able to have with her kids is nuanced, multi-dimensional, and constantly changing. And it’s given her children access to information and learning tools. 

She is thankful the world is beginning to pay attention:
The world is slowly recognizing gender inequalities and the important role mothers play in business, the world’s health and the global economy.

She’s thankful for brands are paying attention:
and beginning to catch up to her discerning taste, and understanding pomp-and-circumstance tactics will not sway her. 

So let’s all start by dropping the term “mommy blogger.” She’ll be thankful for that, too.

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