Where Brands Will Invest Online In 2013

MagnifyingGlass-Search-ASite search, search engine optimization (SEO) and mobile commerce will become the biggest priorities in 2013, according to findings from a survey of more than 450 online retailers released Tuesday.

The SLI Systems study found that 18% plan to improve site search, 18% will focus on ecommerce, 17% on SEO efforts, and 15% on mobile commerce. Forty-eight percent of retailers said relevance is the most important factor when thinking about improving site search, followed by ease of use at 20%, and total cost of ownership at 14%.

To accomplish the tasks, 52% will add A/B testing; 48% will make refinements; 39% will add merchandising features; and 34% will add auto complete. These features received the highest ranking of new site search features that retailers will add in the new year to give site visitors a better experience. Some 40% will add a mobile version of their Web site in 2013, with 20% planning to create a mobile app.



Some 63% of retailers said improving conversions on ecommerce sites will become the biggest challenge in 2013; followed by 61% who said the greatest challenge is attracting more customers to the site, and 23% who cited improving logistics.

The findings also show that retailers understand the value of content to drive traffic and conversions. Many have created content just to educate potential and existing customers who need more information to make a decision. Some 57% of retailers have posted Twitter feeds to their sites. About 56% have posted press releases and articles, while 53% took to blog posts and videos.

When compiled, the content created to educate consumers creates an interesting time line for a year gone by. As a side note, Twitter created a timeline of 2012 events -- something we've been conditioned to see on television at the end of the year, rather than on social sites. It's something companies might want to consider as another piece of content to share with those who love your brand.

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  1. Rich Morgan from Discount Tire, December 11, 2012 at 3:40 p.m.

    Site Search: Get the customer what they want as quickly as possible. Boy I hate dead ends.

    SEO: Multiple searches across multiple devices. Google is making a ton of cash. How many people actually go to page 2 of the SERPs on a smartphone?

    Mobile Commerce: Transact any time, anywhere. Improving usability and stickiness. It's 2013 in a few weeks, CEOs need to get up to speed.

    20% planning to create a mobile app: Hope it sticks. Why do I want another app?

  2. deborah glassman from atmio, December 11, 2012 at 3:52 p.m.

    I agree completely, Give the customer what they came for, Why did they search for you? reward that in the context of mobile search results, landing pages,etc. Mobile landing pages, excellent way to focus customer on specifics, store location, promo offer,etc. Reward mobile search with a landing page, not a website

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