• Bing Introduces Visual Search With A Twist
    Visual search for Bing, Google and Pinterest has become a major focus. Pinterest execs have called the company a visual search engine, and recently hired Microsoft LOOP founder and former Bing product and design director Lawrence Ripsher to help prove it.
  • Microsoft Extends Bing Loyalty Program To UK, Chance To Star In Charli XCX Music Video
    Amidst all the fanfare, Microsoft will give searchers a chance to win a once in-a-lifetime experience to participate in the latest music video from Charli XCX.
  • Unusual Keywords Trending For MuscleEgg's Mobile Search Traffic
    The available search traffic for one of MuscleEgg's top targeted keyword phrases -- flavored liquid egg whites -- is a bit slim, but the company's marketers have managed to turn an anomaly into a thriving advertising and marketing strategy.
  • If Google's Personal Filter Tab In Search Results Becomes Another Targeting Tool
    No doubt the data labeled "Personal" will become another targeting category for search, display, video and other media across Google's advertising network.
  • Affiliate Marketers Gain Cross-Border Payment Partnership
    Brian Littleton, CEO of 17-year-old ShareASale, expects the deal to improve the payment process for publishers and lower the customer service costs associated with payments across international borders due to poor mail delivery or complex banking setups.
  • Google Featured Snippet Idiosyncrasies And The Way They Work
    Stone Temple Consulting published a report Wednesday that sheds light on the way Google's featured snippets work. This will become more important as voice queries and responses rise and search engines move to one result from many.
  • Wix Worked With Google To Build Automated SEO Platform
    Working with the Google Search Console team, Wix.com engineers created a tool that optimizes and indexes the pages. The integration directly connects to Google Search Console, so users get detailed information about how their site is doing in Google Search.
  • Instagram Stories Hashtag Search Feature Could Increase Trademarks
    Instagram on Tuesday launched the ability to search by location and hashtag, and view related content from shared videos in Instagram posts made public within the past 24 hours.
  • When Google VPS Becomes Next Search Targeting Option
    Google's visual positioning system (VPS), announced at its I/O conference last week, will become the company's next targeting option for marketers looking to increase accuracy when serving search ads. I believe this location data will eventually become another data point in organic search engine rankings and position for paid search.
  • Delta Increases Site Traffic From Paid Search By 852%
    The AAA estimates 39.3 million Americans will travel at least 50 miles from home this holiday weekend. And they'll look for the best airline to get them there.
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