• Who Will Buy 3Q Digital From Harte Hanks?
    3Q Digital founder David Rodnitzky says the company has done so well recently that for the right price he'd consider talking to the executive team to buy back the company and take it private.
  • Amazon: Mistakes Brands Make
    Marketers from major brands typically think their brand power will drive sales on Amazon, so they don't optimize product listings and run campaigns in the marketplace as they would on Google, Bing or Yahoo search engines. They are losing millions in the process.
  • Google Gets Paid Through Knowledge Graph
    The search engine able to provide the best answer to an individual question based on personal experience and the ability to connect the dots through machine learning ranked highest, followed by speed of the response. Keep my data private followed at no. 3; results are current, No. 4; easy to enter my search, No. 5; and understand my search query, No. 6. The scores ranged from 3.59 as the highest to 3.39 as the lowest.
  • Co-op Funds Move Online Reaching More Gen Z, Millennials
    Traditional co-op budgets are shifting to online. The move is due to the millennial and Gen Z generations, which are less likely influenced by traditional media-television, newspapers and radio. The behavior is changing the way marketers think about co-op funds.
  • How OTT Services Will Change Search Advertising, Marketing
    Sean Galligan, Yahoo's VP and industry lead for technology, media and telecom -- who will soon work for Verizon when the telecom company closes the deal to acquire the media icon -- shared some insights with "Search Blog."
  • Facebook Follows Google, Steps Up Efforts To Stop Spam, Fake News
    A recently onslaught of false friend requests and fake news on Facebook has the company taking major steps to stop the activity, such as developing sophisticated algorithms and running ads on the site and in newspapers.
  • CRM, Platform Data Don't Add Up, Inconsistencies Abound
    Less than 15% of marketers trust the data their systems report and for good reason. Each platform reports conversions slightly different, so CRM and marketing data from platforms such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft and others typically don't align.
  • Google Advances In Near-Me Searches Prove Most Influential
    The proximity of the searcher to the physical address is the biggest factor for users, giving more credence to the advancements Google has made with near-me searches. The physical address in city of search came in at No. 2.
  • Google Wants To Use Your Device To Train Its Artificial Intelligence
    Although ad targeting in email has become a focus for Google, the latest debacle shows the company does not understand the meaning of the context to precisely target ads.
  • 35% Of Retailers Increasingly View Amazon As A Threat
    Personalizing the customer experience is the top focus for many retailers to keep up with sites like Amazon. The more personal the experience, the easier to reach them with one keyword rather than three or four. In fact consumers are returning to using one word for searches.
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