• Click To Call $2 Trillion By 2019? Difficult To Swallow
    Phone calls from a mobile device will soon drive the majority of purchases. Here's why. Marchex has pulled data to quantify how mobile click-to-call phone calls convert into revenue and highlight some of the challenges marketers face in this type of campaign.
  • Should Advertisers Use Paid Search To Promote Facebook Brand Pages?
    Running paid-search campaigns in Google AdWords to promote Facebook posts can be a painless way to begin integrating search into social campaign -- but the key is assuring that the content remains relevant, answers a question, or fulfills a brand fan's need, according to one expert.
  • Search Marketers Take On More Responsibilities
    Search marketers are asked to do many more tasks these days in addition to running paid-search campaigns or optimizing content and Web sites. In fact, content creation, social campaigns and native advertising have been added to their roles.
  • Listening To Customers Reduces Cart Abandonment Rates
    It seems obvious that brands and retailers can reveal much deeper insights into how consumers feel and think about their products and Web site experiences by reading comments in the ecommerce sections of sites and across social networks, but not enough take the time to actually do it. Here's why.
  • Google Removes Interstitials In Mobile Apps
    Google will permanently remove mobile app interstitials based on a recent study it ran showing the disruption the ads cause consumers while using a mobile app. Perhaps paid-search or organic listings will become the answer.
  • Mobile Cost Per Click Continues To Rise
    The party's almost over for marketers who thought they could continue to bid less on mobile campaign keywords, compared with the price paid for those running on desktop.
  • Using Search Data To Personalize Prices, Discounts Online
    It seems that 51% of retailers want to personalize prices for specific consumers, although 97% automatically use discounts as a pricing strategy rather than personalization strategy.
  • Your Flight Itinerary, Travel Timelines With Photos Serve Up In Search, Maps
    It's getting a little scary when your airline flight itinerary serves up in Google search results or you can visualize past travel timelines on any specific day with help from Google Maps.
  • Labor Day Searches - What Marketers Need To Know
    Connecting with consumers during their time of need has been Google's mantra for at least the past year. Will it rain? Where are the fireworks? How do I make the perfect hamburger? It doesn't only happen on a smartphone.
  • Personalizing Messages To Purple-Hair Individualists With Search, Addressable TV
    iProspect has been testing campaigns in addressable television, which chief strategy officer Sam Huston defines as direct messages. "Tying mobile search and television has become incredibly important, and understanding the time of day to run both a television spot and online search campaign," says Huston. "We've seen a lot of success when the two work together." Personalizing the messages begins with understanding the consumer.
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