• Searching For Beach Bunny Advocates On Facebook
    Beach Bunny Swimwear, a luxury swimwear brand that has been growing in popularity since launching in 2004, turned to Clearsearch Media, a boutique agency that relied on Marin Software to build the brand's Facebook community, as well as online and offline sales.
  • How To Gain Search, Web Traffic Through User Engagement
    Social media contributed to more than 1 million page views for a WordStream study that ran last week detailing the financial gains Google garners from specific paid-search keywords. Taken a bit by surprise, founder Larry Kim admits that articles on his site don't typically drive that much traffic, so he set out to determine how the content could have spread as well as it did.
  • How Search Marketers Can Drive Performance Campaigns On Facebook
    Search marketers that want to test new social campaigns or build up existing ones no longer need to sit at the fork in the road trying to determine the correct way to turn. Webtrends, which last year acquired social media company Transpond, built a platform to support Facebook marketing. The free version of Webtrends Social, formerly Webtrends Apps, doesn't offer all the bells and whistles of the paid version, but can give search marketers a taste of integrating social with search campaigns.
  • Why Optify Got Down To SEO Basics
    Real-time marketing focused on search engine optimization can become a daunting task for proprietors or marketers at small companies trying to wear more than one hat. They not only need to understand SEO, but also how social media influences search engine query results. A variety of tools have surfaced in the past few years, but on Tuesday Optify launched one more.
  • Google+ Could Become Self-Service Opportunity For Advertisers
    A self-service advertising model gave businesses a means to advertise across the Web through AdWords, and publishers the tools to serve up ads on their sites through AdSense. Then came display ads across the Google network, and daily deals with Google Offers. Google isn't a stranger to location-based services through Android and mobile devices. So, what would it look like if Google were to combine some of these more traditional online ad services with a location-based platform and near field communication (NFC) technology through Google+?
  • Tesco's Former Ad Agency CEO Influences Online Marketing Social, Search
    Tesco became one of the first U.K.-based retail chains to implement radio frequency identification technology in the mid 2000s. At the time, the company's chief information officer created a strategy that would rely on RFID tags and readers to keep track of inventory. In 2005, the retailer signed a three year contract with Tyco Fire & Security's ADT Security Services, purchasing 4,000 radio-frequency identification readers and 16,000 antennas to outfit its stores and distribution centers throughout the United Kingdom.
  • The Google+ Obsession: Targets Estimate 20 Million And Counting
    Paul Allen, the Google+ unofficial statistician and founder of Ancestry.com, estimates Google+ members at nearly 20 million. The site launched less than a month ago. Not only are data companies scrambling to build apps that analyze social traffic and profiles, but developers want an API to link in.
  • Tablets And Mobile Take Search Spotlight
    Ad impressions from mobile and tablet devices reached 12.1% of total paid-search impressions in June among Performics' clients, according to James Beveridge, the company's senior analyst. Tablets account for 1.7% of all paid-search impressions -- and about 14% of all mobile impressions -- but continue to grow at a steady pace.
  • How Much Does Google Make On Paid-Search Keywords?
    Ever wonder about the most searched-on and expensive Google AdWords keywords? Google generated about $32.2 billion during the past year in total advertising revenue, and about 97% comes from advertising on Google sites. WordStream Founder Larry Kim serves up a list of keywords and industries where Google makes its money and provides advice on what search marketers can do to ease the pain.
  • Search Marketing Lessons From Yosemite Falls
    Last week I took a few days off work to unplug and hike through Yosemite National Park. I'm not an experienced hiker or camper, but I went with someone who can survive in the wilderness for weeks on natural resources.
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