• How Paid Search Bid Data Tells The Story
    Paid search bid optimization still confuses some marketers, but there is seemingly no end to experts out there offering help. Optimization methods depend on campaign objectives, budget, data constraints, market competition, and technical knowledge of the marketer. Many rely on Google AdWords to run paid search campaign because they say the search engine walks them through the process with easy-to-use instructions, but not all believe it's that simple.
  • Why Google Execs Didn't Make 'Top 25' List
    Entrepreneurs and analysts declined to answer my question (on the record) earlier this week as to why Google's CEO Eric Schmidt or other execs for the Mountain View, Calif., tech company did not make the Wall Street Journal list of the decade's 25 top-earning CEOs. So, I took the question to Kevin J. Murphy, the Kenneth L. Trefftzs Chair in Finance at the University of Southern California (USC), Marshall School of Business.
  • How Ad Industry Might Base Impressions On Truth Vs. Fiction
    A metric technology from RealVu could potentially change the way clickable impressions in search and other ad mediums get measured. It creates a window into the viewer's experience. The platform measures the viewable impression when the ad content is loaded and rendered within the area of the browser window the person looking at the page the person sees for at least one second. Alan Edwards, executive vice president and co-founder at RealVu, discuses the reasons.
  • The Hot Topic Of CEO Compensation
    What's your CEO worth? Some big tech names landed in the Wall Street Journal's ranking of the decade's 25 top-earning CEOs, but the list released Tuesday didn't include Google's Eric Schmidt, Yahoo's Carol Bartz, or Microsoft's Steve Ballmer. Yahoo's Terry Semel, and Apple's Steve Jobs did make the list at No. 8 and No. 4, respectively.
  • The Forefront Of SEM And Display Integration
    Integrating search-engine marketing (SEM) data with display advertising campaigns is becoming more important, and Yahoo's Right Media could sit at the forefront of that transition. The company built a new business on the exchange model, and four months ago began partnering with demand-side platforms (DSPs) Invite Media, Mediamath, Data Xu, Turn and X+1 as part of a pilot program to establish best practices in audience buying for clients. Then, Yahoo's exchange launched a pilot.
  • How Search And YouTube Can Link To Offline Sales For CPG
    Taking advantage of that in-the-moment mindset with the correct message can drive offline sales. It can make or break a campaign. Google highlighted Thursday a series of case studies related to companies in the consumer packaged goods industry (CPG), and it's interesting to see the influence search engine marketing and video can have on in-store purchases.
  • Free Mobile Phone And Search For All (Not)
    Microsoft tore a page out of Google and Apple's books, giving every employee a Windows 7 mobile phone. Reports suggest the official count at around 87,000 people worldwide. The announcement was made at the Microsoft Global Exchange (MGX) conference in Atlanta. And if the news, tweeted on twitter by employees, sounds familiar, it should. Last December a Google employee started a Twitter firestorm after tweeting that every Google employee would receive a Nexus One. Apple also gave employees an iPhone.  
  • Fake Company PPC Ads Landing On Engines And Web Sites
    Publishers and search engines need a better system to protect themselves and consumers against fake companies injecting viruses through ads and selling counterfeit goods. Companies like Click Forensics monitor display ad click fraud, but as Paul Pellman, the company's chief executive officer pointed out at OMMA Ad Nets on Monday, not enough has been done.
  • More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About MicroHoo
    Daily readers of this space probably already know to expect an detailed update on Microsoft's and Yahoo's search alliance. Betty Stooksberry, senior director of the search alliance at Yahoo, ran down the details both companies plan to formally announce Tuesday. If you haven't seen the presentation from either company, you will soon. The transition team has been making their way through the client list.
  • Google, A Matter Of Semantics
    Google not only concentrates on holding on to search market share gains, but share of mind, as well. On Friday, as reports of Apple's Steve Jobs press conference on the fix for antenna and reception problems on the iPhone 4, Google quietly announced the acquisition of Metaweb, a semantic Web and real-world database company.
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