• Do Keyword Domains Still Have An Impact On SEO?
    Keyword domains have traditionally played a major role in influencing search results and search engine ranking. It makes sense that when someone types a specific branded word into a search box on an engine, the Web site containing those words will return in the query at the top of the list. Through time, the power of those words diminished as a result of Google's Exact Match Domain update. True? Maybe not.
  • I'm Going To Cross-Device Target You By Matching Online Search Behavior
    Cross-device targeting relies on anonymous information that transfers from a click like IP address, browser type, latitude and longitude. Along with these attributes, a variety of other things such as ad size allows some technology to make decisions on the ads to serve.
  • Fear Overload Puts AdWords To Work During Halloween
    Fear Overload puts on the ultimate adults-only Halloween events to frighten the heck out of even the most seasoned scary house lovers. The company finds enormous success capturing potential customers through digital advertising, after years of trying to lure thrill-seekers through out-of-home advertising.
  • Google, PwC Partner To Sell Cloud Services
    Google wants to sell more business cloud services, so the company has inked a partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers to offer new opportunities worldwide. The agreement follows Google's rebranding of Enterprise to Google for Work.
  • Google Inbox: Ten Pros And Cons
    Google launched a new app last week that augments Gmail on mobile devices with reminders, assist, tasks, flight information, attached photos and more. Inbox isn't a replacement for Gmail -- not yet, anyway. It only works with Gmail accounts and is intended as an add-on feature to highlight the incoming mail that each user deems important. Google assumes what's important, and each user can tell the platform what they want to see and how often they want to see it. Here are a few benefits and challenges.
  • Women Click More And Spend More On Mobile, Per Study
    Who clicks through more ads on a device running Google's Android or Apple's iOS operating system, women or men? Analyzing more than 1 billion data points in July 2014, AppLovin, which processes about 20 billion ad requests daily, identified some interesting trends related to gender behavior.
  • Google: Colors Change With The Seasons
    Weather data integrated into search campaigns has became a factor in the past few years. Search marketers should also consider the colors that women search for in clothing and cosmetics like nail color, lipstick, and skin foundation. Women typically want lighter or softer hues in nail colors during summer months, and skin foundation can get lighter in the winter months and darker in the summer. Data from Google released Thursday shows spikes on YouTube and the engine for different cosmetic colors depending on the time of year.
  • Google, Somewhere In The Cloud, Acquires Firebase
    Google announced Tuesday the acquisition of Firebase, an API backend service helping developers build real-time apps for iOS, Android and the Web.
  • Understanding Affluent Clicks, Purchases, Research Decisions
    Affluent consumers research products and services weekly before making a purchase giving brands an opportunity to reach out frequently. Some 71% to 92% mostly do their research on a computer, but many rely on their smartphone as a tool. In fact, more than half do research online when choosing a hotel, automobile, consumer electronics, and about one-fourth when purchasing apparel watches and jewelry, per a recent study.
  • Google Tells Agencies To Be More Transparent
    Transparency remains top of mind for Google. New rules coming to Google AdWords or AdWords Express in November will require agencies, as well as third-party companies and search experts who manage Google advertising campaigns, to become more transparent. The engine updated its policies for advertisers earlier this year. Now it's time to adhere to the changes.
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