• Google Fuels THINKB4U [Fill In The Blank], And Survey Paywall
    Google has launched the Web site THINKB4U to promote safe and responsible online habits by teaching parents, educators and kids who haven't yet reached the "I know it all" stage that what posts on the Internet lives on forever..
  • Google's Marissa Mayer Makes Search Predictions
    Students participating in a panel discussion at the MediaPost Search Insider Summit in 2010 might just get their wish. Marissa Mayer, VP of local, maps and localized for Google, said during the next two decades Google will work on the ability of its search engine to predict and suggest answers to search queries, which the college panelists described during the conference.
  • Google Study Finds Organic Search Results Contribute Little To Paid-Search Clicks
    A Google study that set out to demonstrate the impact of organic search ranking on results for paid-search ads found that on average, 81% of ad impressions and 66% of ad clicks occur even in the absence of organic results on the first page of query results.
  • What Facebook 'Like' And Email Have In Common
    The reasons a consumer might click on a Facebook "Like" button and subscribe to an email list are similar, according to a study released Tuesday. The study finds that consumers are more likely to opt in to receive communications from local businesses than national businesses in email and on Facebook.
  • How Helmet City Revs SEO On Motorcycle Gear
    Did your company have a Web site in 1997, and was search engine optimization (SEO) a consideration? John Uyeyama, CEO and founder of Helmet City, which sells motorcycle helmets and other related gear, launched the company's Web site that year. "Keywords like 'motorcycle helmets' were not competitive at that time because the Internet was so new," he said.
  • A First-Click, Last-Click Attribution Model For Social Media
    How marketers capture and measure social contributions will rapidly become the secret to giving media its due. Many continue to develop sophisticated cross-channel attribution models in an attempt to address complexities. Adobe this week released a report that analyzes the best ways to measure the impact of social media, and more accurately attribute its value to campaigns.
  • Search Tools And Tips To Optimize Video I Should Have Used
    It takes informative and engaging content to get videos indexed in search engine results or to get people to share them. Producing entertaining videos that help solve problems increases the likelihood people will share with others. Here are a few tools marketers can use to get started.
  • How Weather Helps Search Marketers Target Ads
    While talking with Suzy Sandberg, president at digital marketing firm PM Digital, around the holidays last year about optimizing paid-search campaigns, she spoke about using the weather to determine product and target strategies around the time of day to target ads. I heard a similar story from David Kenny, chairman and CEO at The Weather Channel, during Tuesday's keynote at OMMA Global in San Francisco.
  • How Repost.us Syndication SEO Tool Puts Publishers In Control
    What if publishers could allow other sites to embed whole articles as easily as embedding video, and do it without getting dinged by search engines that can cause their site to lose authority and rank in search query results?
  • How Semantic Search Impacts Ad Targeting
    Paid-search marketers should see far better ad targeting once Google and Bing have built out semantic technology in their respective search engines. Colin Jeavons, CEO Vertical Search Works, said targeting falters today because of a phenomenon he calls the Big Band Theory.
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