• The Demographics Behind DuckDuckGo
    Research from Compete sets out to discover the demographics behind DuckDuckGo. Some of it might surprise marketers, given recent events and adoption by some prestigious organizations. I'm not going to analyze why the search engine appeals more to older, richer men. I'll leave that up to you.
  • Honda's Roar To Save Outdoor Cinema
    While some experiences are intended to rock your world, drive-in movie theaters simply want to create a feeling of community, similar to online social networks. Many kids can't fathom the feeling -- an outdoor gathering where people would share time and ideas in the real world. The last few drive-in movie theaters near my home in Orange Country, Calif., closed years ago. Honda wants to save the remaining ones throughout the United States.
  • Google Consumes More Than Half Of WW Mobile Searches
    Marketers have finally caught up to the increase in use of mobile search by consumers. Not tablets, but rather smartphones. Google and Facebook will grab most of the mobile market share.
  • Search Marketers: Don't Forget Authenticity To Build Brand Advocates
    The need for authenticity in marketing from search to social continues to strengthen. So it seems obvious that information marketers upload to their company's Web site to describe products or services should reflect the actual product or service. Some companies still don't get it. Not only does it discredit the business in the eyes of potential and existing consumers, but eventually the poor ratings and reviews will pull down search engine rankings on Bing, Google and Yahoo. Bernard Luthi, COO, and CMO of Rakuten.com Shopping, offers some advice on building brand advocates.
  • Recognizing The Changing Faces Of Search Agencies
    Search marketers are finding more often that their responsibilities for campaigns expand into other media such as social, display and video. The agency model continues to change, and along with it methods and best practices. The industry also could see consolidation or companies changing their name to reflect the transition. Here are a few insights that marketers need to know.
  • Steve Ballmer Announces Retirement From Microsoft; Like Yahoo, Will A Google Engineer Replace Him?
    Microsoft said Friday that long-time CEO Steve Ballmer would retire from Microsoft within the next 12 months after the company chooses a successor. One analyst chimes in with a recommendation for a replacement.
  • Would You Watch NFL Games Streamed On YouTube?
    If Google inks a deal with the NFL to broadcast football games on YouTube it will become the most profound video deal in history. Here's why.
  • Search Marketers Need A Mobile Wake-Up Call
    Just because someone owns a smartphone doesn't mean they use it to conduct a search, make a purchase, download a white paper, or complete some other type of conversion. In fact, smartphone clicks convert at one-third the rate of desktops, whereas tablets convert at nearly the same rate as desktops, according to a recent white paper.
  • The Dark Side Of Social Sharing
    Social might present challenges for search marketers, but the signals in consumers' Twitter tweets, and Facebook posts offer a wealth of knowledge to help brands optimize content, search campaigns, and product features and releases.
  • What Back-To-School Trends Tell Us About Holiday Shopping
    Search terms should reflect what consumers want and how they think about a brand. Social channels help the brand gauge how sentiment changes with each search.
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