• Rethinking Content Marketing
    Have you seen a rainbow eucalyptus tree? They look as if someone took a brush and painted colorful, vertical stripes on the bark. You don't expect to see bright green, blue, red and orange stripes on a tree -- patches of bark that shed annually, darkening the layers to reveal different tones and hues. This one lives on the road to Hana in Maui.
  • How Do Tech Billionaires Spend Their Money?
    How does a billionaire with a net worth of $8.2 billion spend his money? He funds an ocean research vessel. At least that's what Google Chairman Eric Schmidt did. He recently unveiled the ocean liner, Falkor, rebuilt in less than three years. Researchers can use the ship for free, but there's a catch.
  • How Voice Search Gives Any Brand A Direct Connection With Consumers
    Click-to-call is one of the most convenient features on the Web, especially for mobile. Google implemented it on ads that not only run on mobile, but also desktop.
  • Taco Bell's Social Spectacular
    Taco Bell recently announced that it will release the next Doritos Locos Taco flavor on Aug. 22, but it will do it on social media. Nick Tran, Taco Bell's social media lead, said similar to the reaction from media across the Web, the flavor will heat up consumers' tastebuds. Speculation puts the flavor at Flamas.
  • More Like This
    Do you ever find yourself browsing through one of your favorite retail Web sites and come across a really great feature, only to find that the next time you visit the site the feature no longer exists? It happened to me recently. I want the search feature back.
  • Orapup: How Video Sold $1 Million In Merchandise Before Going Into Production
    Video sites like YouTube have become invaluable tools to help visually instruct consumers on how to use a new product, according to Jeffrey Harmon, Orabrush co-founder. The company invented the dog tongue cleaner, Orapup, that sold $1 million in inventory even before the $50,000 mold was made. It takes content. And I've become obsessed with the reasons behind creating and optimizing it.
  • The Social Networks Where CEOs Roam
    Sixty-eight percent of CEOs have no presence on any social network such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter, but a study released Thursday compares the presence of those who do.
  • Google, VW Take Slugbug On The Road
    We said "slugbug," rather than physically punch someone in the arm, when passing a Volkswagen Bug on the road in another car. Anyway, now I know where the term originates. VW has launched an application called SmileDrive designed to work with any car -- even if it's not a Volkswagen -- and built the game into the app.
  • Google Still Searching For That Authentic Voice
    First came Patch, an AOL online project encouraging locals to become reporters covering hometown news. Then Yelp emerged with the Elite Squad program to review local businesses. Now Google follows with City Experts, also a network of local review contributors. The reviews will likely support content on Google+ and Maps. A line or two would also work popping up on a Google Glass card.
  • Search: RKG Shifts To Building Character
    The advertising and marketing industry has begun to experience the influence of George Gallate's foray into search engine marketing. The former global chairman of Havas Worldwide Digital joined Rimm-Kaufman Group (RKG) as CEO in January. Now the search-focused agency has begun to accelerate its role related to creative thinking. Let me explain.
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