• Search Stagnates, Gives Amazon, Pinterest Opportunity To Move In
    A potential shakeup in search marketing and advertising comes after years of stagnation in the search industry and Google's dominant position. While it may take years for consumers to think of Pinterest as a search engine, that hasn't stopped the social site from trying.
  • Record Number Of Product Reviews Driving Search, Purchases
    Some search marketers call "reviews" their BFFs. Based on a survey of 11,255 women in the U.S. across generations X, Y and Z, Influenster analyzed how their review community of more than 2 million shop and use product reviews to influence their purchase decisions.
  • Pinterest Is Gaining The One Thing Facebook Is Losing
    eMarketer's forecast suggests that Pinterest will gain ground with every age group in 2017. The demographic with the greatest number of U.S. users is adults 35 to 44 -- representing 22.1% of all Pinterest users.
  • When Data From Products Like Hairbrushes Personalizes Searches
    Google Home continues to build out its partner program with a slew of new additions, with products based on artificial intelligence that connect one signal to another to identify preferences and customize searches.
  • Searches Spike When Connected To TV Ads
    Television ads often work as a reminder to do something or purchase a product. Spikes are typically larger after brand-focused ads compared with price-focused ads, and after less informative ads than after more informative ads.
  • Microsoft Extends Toyota Partnership
    Toyota Motor Corp. has inked a deal with Microsoft to license its connected vehicle patents in what "Automotive News" calls the company's "most wide-ranging intellectual property agreement with an automaker."
  • How Hooked On Phonics Uses Game App To Grow Customer Base
    The shift to digital drove Austin Feld, director of user acquisition at Hooked on Phonics, to work with Lucktastic, a free app and entertainment site that hosts a high rate of young "highly engaged" mothers on the site -- and enables Hooked on Phonics to reach this demographic, who are more likely to download its app, through video.
  • Google Maps Gets Real-Time Location-Sharing Capability
    Drop a pin and share your real-time location with a specific person for a specific amount of time. Google Maps has begun to allow people to share their location on Android and iOS devices without leaving the app, mobile Web or desktop.
  • Twiggle Gives Online Retailers An Easy Way To Implement Semantic Search
    Most e-commerce companies still rely on keyword matching and behavioral data to power their search, according to Twiggle CEO Amir Konigsberg, who believes this kind of understanding and customer service, which is "effortless for a human store clerk, can now be mimicked by a search engine."
  • Google Broadens Exact-Match Variations In AdWords
    In the coming months, exact-match targeting will take into consideration close variants of words that include abbreviations, adverbs, singular or plurals, and more. The change means Google will ignore word order if the words in the order reflect the same meaning as the original exact match trigger keywords.
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