• Happy Holidays
    SearchBlog and Search Marketing Daily will be away for the remainder of the year. We're taking a rest and hanging up the SEO and SEM for a week or so, but we will be back in 2010 -- as they said about Tricky Dick -- tanned, rested and ready. So happy holidays, and a joyous New Year to you and yours. And la'chaim, or cheers, whichever the case may be (though we always thought la'chaim was so much more fun to say).
  • 2010 Buzz: Social Search Optimization
    Follow the gingerbread crumbs into 2010 dropped by Google, Microsoft and Yahoo during 2009, and you might find yourself smack-dab in the middle of social search optimization. While there are other growing trends in search, let's begin with SSO, which will likely emerge next year as one of those acronyms you love to hate.
  • Searching For Google's Definition Of 'Open'
    A post by Senior Vice President of Product Management Jonathan Rosenberg suggests a bigger, "open" Internet is better for Google, developers, advertisers and people who search for information on the Internet. "I hope that with this note we can start working to close the gap between reality and aspiration," he writes.
  • Microsoft Becomes Target Practice
    Microsoft has come under fire, as 2009 comes to a close. In January, Steve Ballmer marks his 10 year anniversary as the company's CEO. Not many believe it's time for celebration, and some point to the Redmond, Wash., company as completely missing the mark on mobile and search.
  • Niche Search Engines Could Become M&A Target In 2010
    While the economy drove down advertising rates, it made valuations affordable, allowing industries to consolidate, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers' Mike Kelley. That glut of cash will push companies into merger and acquisition (M&A) mode in 2010 -- activity that could include smaller niche search engines.
  • How Google Crowd-Sourced The World Before Launching A Mobile Phone
    It all started with a blog post and a few Twitter tweets. After news spread that some employees had begun testing a Google phone, seemingly the whole world showed up to crowd-source the company's entry into the mobile space. Even if the phone doesn't exist now, Google has proven that the market is ripe for the company to jump on in.
  • For Bing, Too, There's Now An App For That
    The search engine wars continue to heat up between Microsoft and Google. And now Microsoft has entered the mobile market with an iPhone application aimed at those searching for a little more Bing, and a little less Google.
  • Tools To Shorten URLs: Helping To Evade The End Of The Internet?
    I've often wondered how long it will take to run out of room on the Internet. Google and Bit.ly seem to be doing their part to bypass that problem -- perhaps. At any rate, they are introducing tools that squeeze a long URL into fewer characters to make it easier to share URLs with others, especially through social media.
  • TwitVid Offers Real-Time Video Search And Analytics For Twitter
    Perhaps the stars will align for the combination of search and video in 2010. Among the recent event contributing to that possibility: TwitVid's introduction of real-time video search and video analytics, along with an uptick in video consumption and spending for video ads.
  • How Will The Real-Time Web Influence PPC Keyword Pricing?
    Search engines are changing the game, streaming in information from Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and more. How will this trend influence the price for pay-per-click search advertising keywords? Will advertisers pay more for keywords if consumers lingered on a search results query page longer? Assorted industry folks ponder these questions.
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