• TLC From Paid-Search Ads To Landing Pages To Web Sites, Please
    Marketers know paid-search ads on Google, Bing and Yahoo click through to landing pages, and many times those landing pages connect with Web sites. And sometimes, yes -- static and boring content. A recent study suggests consumers have become less impressed with Web sites. Sometimes static works. Other times marketers might want an interactive Flash object that looks like a video on that landing page greeting visitors and demonstrating products or services to engage, grab and convert visitors into leads and sales.
  • Google To Build +1 Crowdsourcing Tool
    Jason Simon, INK creative director, told Search Marketing Daily the trend toward crowdsourcing continues to pick up among fellow ad agencies as a tool to gain consumer support. His company, however, doesn't offer the option today -- but Google will.
  • Online School Trends For Search Marketers
    With the 2011/2012 school year beginning across the United States (at least in Southern California), most search marketers continue to focus on back to physical school campaigns. But the Internet -- the portal to knowledge -- seems to have caught the attention of parents who choose to home school their kids and the school districts jumping on the trend by providing online options. But who are the teachers guiding these kids and do marketers have an opportunity to reach out and connect with them?
  • Search Reaches $33 Billion In 2016, But Loses Market Share
    Marketers buying media now have a greater number of options from which to choose. Search will continue to dominate -- taking the largest piece of the interactive pie and growing from more than $18 billion in 2011 to more than $33 billion during the next five years -- but it will lose share from 55% today to 44% of all interactive spend in 2016, according to a Forrester Research study.
  • Apple's Future Jobs
    My first personal computer, the Apple Lisa 2/10, preceded a Macintosh Plus, which I continue to store in my garage until I determine what to do with it. When Apple filed for an initial public offering, I bought stock. (I no longer own it.) I also owned the first iPod, video iPod, and tablet. Steve Jobs, whose CEO resignation was made public on Wednesday, handed the reins to Apple COO Tim Cook. No one would argue the value of Jobs' numerous accomplishments -- among them bringing the company back from the brink of failure.
  • Apple, YouTube, Yahoo, Twitter: Winners Across Europe In Google Panda Update
    Searchmetrics has been publishing Google Panda updates on winners and losers across Europe for the past week. On the its Web site marketers can find information on companies in Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Austria, France, and Germany.
  • How Search Engine Crawlers Locate Sensitive Data
    Search marketers should work with webmasters and know how to secure data that Google, Bing, Yahoo and other engines should not index. "Not for public release" often starts off as the text for pages companies don't want indexed, but marketers should pay more attention to locking down content behind logins that they don't want indexed by engines.
  • More On Google's Insatiable Search For Technology
    Like the hunger for knowledge and the passion to make faster and better widgets, the engineer in Google Co-founder Larry Page will lead the cash-rich company on a path to devouring technology. Some will come from companies like Motorola -- sitting on the fence with a treasure trove of mobile patents at its feet, but not much foresight in what to do with them -- or from more unexpected sources.
  • How To Expand SEO Campaigns Globally
    No borders -- that was the promise of the Internet. Perhaps some search marketers have forgotten. Search marketing companies such as Covario and IgnitionOne have international strategies to support expanding paid-search practices internationally. Now, more search marketers want to localize search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns. So Optify created a guide to get started.
  • Rimm-Kaufman Group Acquires AudetteMedia
    Online marketing has become a melting pot for media, combining search engine optimization, paid search, social, display advertising, attribution, and more into one strategy. Why? One medium doesn't work as well as a strategically well-culled combination. Understanding this concept, The Rimm-Kaufman Group (RKG), mostly known for its expertise in paid search marketing, said Thursday it has acquired Bend, Ore.-based AudetteMedia, which focuses on search engine optimization (SEO). All employees of AudetteMedia will join the staff of RKG.
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