• Mobile Will Generate Up To 30% Of Web Site Traffic
    Search remains at the core of most mobile activities. Marketers must learn best practices. In an AMA-sponsored webinar, Google and The Search Agency on Wednesday presented stats and best practices for mobile search. The group ran through building support for mobile landing pages, differences between mobile and tablet campaigns, hyperlocal and sitelink ads, as well as call-to-action and click-to-call enabled ads.
  • Mobile Ecommerce Disappoints Consumers
    Mobile search is poised to contribute to ABI Research's estimated $4.9 billion in U.S. mobile ecommerce this year, but not if businesses can't get it together and provide tools that allow consumers to easily make online purchases.
  • Searches: What Are The Peak Times For Clicks and Conversions?
    Eighteen months after first offering Google Commerce Search, the engine on Tuesday launched the third version of the hosted enterprise search product that powers online retail stores and an e-commerce Web site to give consumers a more interactive experience.
  • Google Book Decision Becomes Mistake For Authors, Advertisers, Humanity
    The Google books project might be dead, but it appears at least one Southern California City refuses to give up on the dream of moving toward an "electronic library" to create the largest and the most comprehensive in the world. While people typically identify libraries with physical books, Newport Beach, Calif., city officials have developed a plan that would close one of its four branches to outfit the center with everything except books.
  • Yahoo: What Could Save The Search Giant?
    During the past few years I've had the opportunity to speak with engineers at Yahoo about innovations in search and display advertising. While some could bring Yahoo out of its search slump, I'm at a loss to completely understand -- aside from search volume on the engine -- why advertisers and marketers fail to see the change as positive. Martini Media's board member Usama Fayyad, the former NASA scientist who founded Audience Science and created Yahoo's data architecture, and CEO Skip Brand, who ran Yahoo's "big-spender accounts," have an interesting inside perspective into the topic.
  • Looking At Web Site Content Through Search Engine Eyes
    The search engine Blekko, which brought slashtags into vogue, recently gave BrightEdge access to real-time link graph information. Integrating the feature into BrightEdge's search engine optimization platform gives companies the ability to verify that their back links are legitimate as well as whether sites ranking ahead of them are using black hat or unethical tactics to beat search engine rankings.
  • Small Business Owners Still Don't Get Search Marketing
    Search marketing, an intent-driven approach driving the highest returns, should come as an easy decision for small businesses, but many still don't understand the benefits and the pitfalls. So it came as no surprise to me that 56% of small businesses that plan to allocate marketing budgets toward search or social media advertising in 2011 admit they need help with some part of their campaigns. And despite a need for assistance, only 25% use SEM tools to manage their campaigns.
  • Where Do Your SEO Clients Really Rank In SERPs?
    Apparently it has become a problem for companies to accurately determine through reports where they rank in organic search listings, since search engines have begun to favor local listings. Google, for example, favors location in search engine page results for companies that have filled out Google Places profiles, according to some search engine optimization (SEO) experts. It has complicated SEO efforts to achieve above-the-fold or even first-page ranking.
  • Studies: Mobile Search Heats Up As Screens Get Larger
    As mobile search continues its rapid growth, it has transformed the ways that people seek and gather information. Thirty-two percent of participants in a Performics study released Monday admit to conducting more searches on mobile devices than by computer. Forty-seven percent said they use mobile search while commuting, 56% while attending social events, and 74% while running errands, and 49% make mobile purchases.
  • Search + Display + Attribution Modeling = Transparency
    Magnetic, which relies on search data to retarget display ads, has signed a partnership deal with C3 Metrics, a company that provides attribution modeling. The two plan to announce the deal within the next month.
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