• What's The Lost Revenue From Bots Scraping Original Content?
    Bots -- which some estimate make up about 46% of Web traffic -- scrape the Web for whatever bits of content they are programmed to find, often mimicking human behavior. But what does it cost the company developing the content, analyzing the numbers, and creating the information for consumers and customers in hopes they will visit their Web site?
  • Talk To The Headphones
    I couldn't help myself. What a classic line: "Talk to the headphones." That's how this wireless on-ear headphones brand describes the voice search feature for the FIIL Diva Pro. The headphones are just one among thousands of products where consumers will search for content and information with their voice.
  • Williams-Sonoma, P&G, Big Lots Talk Up Online Advertising Investments
    If there's any doubt that brands and retailers are moving more of their advertising and marketing budgets to digital advertising, tune into a few second-quarter earnings calls.
  • Amazon, Google Changing Marketing's Role Through Connected Devices
    What will be the role of the search marketer when brands finally learn about their customers through data collected by Internet-connected devices?
  • Data Shows Marketers In Competition For Discretionary Dollars
    Only 35% of the 1,000 consumers participating in a recent survey say they feel comfortable about their financial situation today, which should suggest to marketers that this holiday season will become all about the competition for discretionary dollars.
  • Data Suggests Early, Mobile, Search Top Trends For Holiday Shopping
    Marketers will need to become more serious about knowing their customers this year. They will want to get the timing perfect, and determine whether they should reach out to them initially on a mobile device or a desktop computer.
  • The Clinton Body Count In Search Results
    It's an interesting read on the conspiracy theory of search query results for the phrase "Clinton body count," and it could be valid -- but a simple search Tuesday found nothing to support this example of the theory.
  • Fast Forward Into Performance Test Tools, Apps
    It has almost become a fad. Google has spent years building apps that test mobile-friendliness and the speed of Web sites, pages and apps. Now Netflix and Ookla have developed an app that checks Internet connections. Troubleshooting tech woes has become big business.
  • Merkle Releases Google Shopping PLA Playbook
    Shopping ads grew significantly during the past few years, with product listing ads contributing 46% of all Google paid-search clicks for retailers in the second quarter of 2016. Mobile spend on PLAs grew 135% during the same time frame, per Merkle.
  • Making The Most Of The Billion-Dollar Back-To-School Frenzy On Hot Trends
    The most in-demand product for those headed to college should surprise few. Among this generation, the hottest brand is Yeezy, the collaborative sneaker and clothing line between Adidas and rapper Kanye West.
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