• How Social, Not Search, Can Retarget Ads
    Sometimes the nuances in an announcement, rather than the news itself, should make marketers sit up and take notice. For example, when IBM announced acquisitions related to marketing and advertising signaled Big Blue would step heavily into online marketing and advertising services. Then on Tuesday came the news that SAP led a $20 million venture capital investment round in the ad network OpenX, which includes AOL -- and that the startup called Meteor developed a suite of products to retarget ads based on social behavior and sharing, rather than search.
  • Google Wakes Sleeping NFC Dog
    Most marketers have not heard of the NFC Forum, a standards body group of 145 member companies spearheading the technical specification and the adoption of near field communication (NFC), the short-range radio wave technology that allows Google Wallet to make mobile ecommerce transactions with Citi, MasterCard and participating retailers.
  • Yahoo's Analyst Day Long-Term Guidance
    U.S. Internet advertising revenue for first-quarter 2011 rose 23% to $7.3 billion compared with the year-ago quarter, according to stats released Thursday by Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). How does Yahoo fit in?
  • Google eBooks: A Digital Publishing ARM
    Six months after launch, there are more than 3 million free ebooks available in Google ebookstore and more than 250 independent booksellers selling Google eBooks from more than 7,000 publishers. Consumers have downloaded more than 2.5 million Google Books apps for iOS, Android and Chrome since December. What if Google gave Googlers and search engine marketers the ability to publish ebooks on related topics in its digital store?
  • Google To Publish ZMOT Ebook
    At Google, Jim Lecinski, managing director of U.S. sales, became known as the thought leader for the concept of the "zero moment of truth" (ZMOT). It's an offshoot of the Procter & Gamble's (P&G) concept of "the first moment of truth," which describes the first few seconds consumers spend in a store aisle.
  • Facebook Ads Deliver Like(s) Despite Dislike By College Students
    Christopher Lien likes fast cars. I learned that about the Marin Software founder in 2009 one evening while we talked in an alley outside the Geisha House restaurant at the corner of Cherokee and Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, Calif.
  • Tying Search Campaigns To User-Generated YouTube Videos
    Do brands continue to miss marketing opportunities around what appears as family, homespun videos uploaded to YouTube that share a moment evoking an emotional response? The video seems staged, but an ad agency executive confirms the video is user-generated. The video, which seems like an exercise in branding, created the perfect product placement clip.
  • VigLink To Apply Analytics To Affiliate Marketing
    Google Ventures began contributing venture capital funds in June 2009 to VigLink, a company that offers automated affiliate marketing services, but plans to add detailed analytics to its suite of products that help marketers monetize outbound links.
  • Google Taps Eye-Tracking Research For YouTube Ads
    MRC International has worked with Google in Sweden to test banner ads on YouTube through the company's eye-tracking technology, according to Mathias Plank, MRC's founder and CEO. The study, conducted in the first quarter of 2011, was intended to test the effectiveness of a display campaign for Scandinavian Airlines SAS, which ran a masthead ad campaign on YouTube.
  • 'No IT Required' Becoming Ad Industry Mantra
    Reducing the dependence on IT departments to implement ad retargeting or attribution is a point I missed when I initially learned about the partnership between Criteo and TagMan. The advertising industry will continue to see more technology that provides the ability to bypass IT this year.
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