• How Will Marketers Acquire New Customers In 2017?
    Acquiring new customers isn't the biggest challenge. Some point to network ad fraud. Marketers have their hands full trying to determine the types of rewards, search, social and video media that will keep consumers coming back.
  • Even For Search Geeks, Mobile Display To Take A Big Chunk Of Ad Revenue
    As traffic shifts to mobile, consumers will spend $74 billion on mobile apps by 2020, up from $54 billion in 2016.
  • The Walls Have Ears
    Bentonville, Arkansas police want to know what was said prior to and after a death that occurred in the home of James Bates in November 2015, and are seeking the transcripts of the audio recordings from Alexa in an Amazon Echo within a 48-hour period of the victim's death to determine whether it was accidental or a murder.
  • Diversity Tweaks Paid Search
    U.S. immigration policy reform could force a change in the demographic landscape, so the personal finance Web site WalletHub conducted an in-depth analysis of 2017's Most & Least Culturally Diverse Cities.
  • Record Number Of Product Reviews Driving Search, Purchases
    About 72% of women trust a product page based on the total number of reviews, while more than half of women need to see a minimum of 50 reviews on a product review page before trusting the page to be reliable. About 61% said they look for the ratio of positive to negative reviews,
  • Google Patent On Location Labels Uses Unique Data To Pinpoint Position
    Google engineers have developed a labeling technique that enables the technology to pinpoint a location or geographic position based on a variety of data stored in the phone.
  • Paid Search Owned Valentine's Day Clicks, Mobile Purchases Rose 107%
    Men reached deeper into their pockets for Valentine's Day to show loved ones some appreciation, spending 15% more than women, but women searched more than men for that special gift.
  • Google Search, Display Select Turns Green Capital Greener
    The combination of search and display drove down the cost to acquire new customers threefold.
  • Search Contributes To Mobile Influence Of $1 Trillion In Retail Sales
    Forrester Research estimates smartphone retail sales will grow at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20.4% during the next five years, and mobile phones will influence $1.4 trillion in offline sales. Search has a major role in this as well.
  • Google's DeepMind: When AI Can Contemplate Competition Or Cooperation
    Social responsibility typically falls on the shoulders of humans, but when artificial intelligence steps in, will the ownership widen to machines -- and how might this play out in Google AdWords?
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