• Google Me: Vanity Searches Plateau
    In a Pew Research Study conducted between April and May 2013, Pew Research found that 56% of Internet users have used a search engine to look up their own name to see what information is available about them online -- up from 22% who did that in 2001.
  • How To Create Brand Advocates: Hispanics' Lure To Loyalty Programs
    Understanding the nuances of the Hispanic market such as online buying behavior, family oriented culture, and propensity to engage and buy more from brands offering loyalty programs becomes more important as the population of this market segment continues to increase in the United States.
  • The Social Side Of Rebranding HomeAdvisor
    When HomeAdvisor rebranded from ServiceMagic, the marketing team encountered many challenges. We covered search last week. Here are a few social challenges the company had to overcome.
  • Why Local Search Needs Real-Time Data
    Detours around a dead end are common. So go ahead. Optimize your mobile search strategy, but forgetting to update information in Bing and Google engines or Citysearch directories, navigation apps and maps, review sites, daily deals and GPS-enabled marketing solutions only frustrates consumers. It turns out the quality of information in local business listings isn't keeping up with consumer demand and expectations.
  • Characteristics Of A Great SEO Marketer
    Do you have the characteristics of a successful search engine optimization expert? Companies now expect their SEO experts to become proficient in content marketing and social campaigns. A recent study attempts to define what it takes to succeed. It calls these folks "best in class," but for the sake of the recap of the findings, we'll call them "successful."
  • Luxury Brands Finally Finding The Key To Driving Online, Mobile Conversions
    Traffic to luxury brand Web sites rose 10% so far this year compared with last, with five brands -- Ralph Lauren, Coach, Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton and Gucci -- capturing 75% of traditional online market share, and 68% mobile, per a luxury brand trend report. Aside from search engines, Yahoo properties, Facebook, YouTube, eBay, Amazon and others drive traffic, but marketers might not realize how much each contributes.
  • Facebook Updates Patent Filing: Real-Time Search In Social Network
    Facebook updated a pending patent this week titled Real Time Content Searching In Social Network that the company's patent inventors initially filed in April. The patent, filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, describes a real-time method for receiving, identifying and indexing a Facebook member's post.
  • Rebranding: How HomeAdvisor Quickly Recovered In Search Engine Ranking, Paid Search
    HomeAdvisor has rebranded from ServiceMagic, and redesigned the Web site to focus more closely on services related to home improvements. This migration took skill and patience. It's probably one of the more tactical and successful conversions. While the company conducted research to ensure that the new name would resonate with customers, it took a little more work to guarantee that it didn't lose its place in search engine rankings and conversions.
  • How Content Changes Behavior, Searches
    More than 77% of people create content today -- up from less than 10% in 2006, per research results. Consumers continue to reshape relationships, with companies creating new behavior patterns that will require marketers to rethink concepts and how digital influences search and everyday life.
  • Google Gives Mobile A Bump With Acquisition
    Bump Technologies, the mobile app that lets two people bump their phones together to exchange information, has been acquired by Google despite the $20 million infusion from well-funded firms like Sequoia Capital and Andreessen Horowitz.
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