• Microsoft Job Ad Board Shows Heightened Attention To Bing
    On Microsoft's job board there are quite a few openings for Bing software development engineers, from development to testing. Glassdoor, which posts reviews, salaries and benefits from employees, estimates the annual income between $110,000 and $123,000 -- each title with its hourly rate for contractors.
  • Bing Calls Attention To Trademark Policy
    While it's ultimately the advertiser's responsibility to make certain that the use of keywords and ad content does not infringe or violate intellectual property rights, marketers need to understand what constitutes fair use of another brand's trademarks or logos.
  • Google Knows You Traveled More This Year
    Search queries for air travel, hotel, and car rentals peaked in July -- rising 4%, 13%, and 15%, respectively in the first quarter of 2015 compared with the same time frame in the prior year, according to Google data.
  • Lycos Inventor Michael Mauldin Returns As Company Tackles IoT
    Michael Mauldin, founder and inventor of Lycos -- one of the first Internet search engines -- returns more than 17 years later, after the company rebranded last year to reinvent itself to support wearable technology.
  • Google Search Queries Identify 'Collaboration' As A Business Objective
    In another example of how queries on a search engine identify trends, Google search volume for the term "social collaboration" has grown globally by more than 300% during the past decade, while interest in the term "social innovation" has jumped more than 200%.
  • Out-Of-Stocks Rising - Would Programmatic Between Ad Serving, Inventory Ordering Help?
    Out-of-stocks worldwide rose to $634.1 billion in 2015 -- up from $180 billion in 2012, according to research released Monday.
  • Debunking Google Rumor Of Video Ads Serving In Search Results
    Google confirmed Friday that the company is not testing video ads in search results. While rumors of this seem greatly exaggerated, it may seem like a good idea for brands in automotive or entertainment, but it could become too much of a drag on bandwidth and resource.
  • Marketers Spend Less On Back-To-School Desktop Paid-Search Campaigns
    Advertisers spent $909,000 sponsoring back-to-school keyword groups analyzed in July 2015 --down 19% from $1.08 million in July 2014, according to data released Thursday. The groups were analyzed in the U.S. running on Google's network for desktop only.
  • Back-To-School Search Ads Must Lead Online Consumers To Local Stores
    The majority of back-to-school shopping dollars still find their way into stores rather than online, but search marketers need have time to focus mobile and desktop search budgets toward college shoppers and others who are delaying purchases until the last minute.
  • Search Becomes Tool To Create Niche Google Businesses
    It's not magic, although online search -- the media that has become the backbone to augment many technologies like Microsoft Windows 10, and businesses such as Google -- may sometimes seem that way to those who don't fully understand how it works.
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