• Study: Consumers Think Google Ads Are Query Results
    Google may not be as transparent as company execs think when it comes to serving up ads on search results pages. Research from consultancy Bunnyfoot suggests 40% of Web users are unaware that the Google ads above their search results are paid advertisements.
  • Think Outside The Box When Optimizing Real-World And Digital Content Marketing
    Some 83% of search marketers will focus more time on content to drive search performance in 2013, according to research released Wednesday. The data points to a need for strategies that combine search optimization and content management for digital assets, but also real-world content with digital through the Facebook entity graph and Google knowledge graph. BrightEdge CEO Jim Yu identifies the former by integrating the company's platform with Adobe CQ CMS.
  • Does Microsoft Windows 8 OS Make You Click On More Ads?
    Yes, in my opinion. Here's why. In the past two weeks I've become pretty familiar with Windows 8 on a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet, as I've been clicking my way through the Internet, touching and watching every rich media ad that serves up.
  • Yandex White-Label Mobile Apps Store To Compete With Google Marketplace
    When Arkady Borkovsky, CTO Yandex Labs, participated in an OMMA panel on international search engines about three years ago, I had no doubt he would help to lead Russia's top search engine, Yandex, into a cycle of technical innovation. Now the company will go head-head with Google by creating a white-label store for Android apps and 3D interface for developers. The client servers will come preloaded on mobile devices.
  • A Business Model For Search Ads, Coupons
    Dear Google and Microsoft: I can see the potential of coupons attached to paid-search ads that appear not only in organic search results, but on map apps, email accounts and social networks. You might have already thought about my suggestions for tools, but I just had to share an idea about the potential for tying search ads and coupons with retail and manufacturer loyalty cards for online and offline sales.
  • Search Marketers Get Used To A Multichannel, Multi-Device World
    In a world where consumers jump from one screen to another, search marketers will need to learn how to optimize and support campaigns that consumers view on multiple devices. Some 63% of consumers used more than one digital device to shop for gifts during the past holiday season, and 67% of consumers believe having access to multiple devices makes it easier, according to Google.
  • Adobe Finds Profit In Tweets Via Twitter API
    Twitter has inked a deal with Adobe Systems, Salesforce, Shift, TBG Digital, and HootSuite that will up its social game without allowing brand marketers to become annoying and obnoxious. Adobe shared early results from some of its clients, such as Levi and Threadless.
  • Search Marketers Begin Optimizing For Mobile NFC Apps
    Search marketers need to consider optimizing landing pages for near field communication-enabled (NFC) phones. They are being driven by mobile app developers finding ways to integrate the technology into everyday use.
  • Study Reveals How Marketers Should View Access To Data
    Some 46% of marketers participating in the 2013 MarketingSherpa Marketing Analytics Benchmark Report occasionally gain insight from data their company collects. And while another 37% routinely gain insight, 6% rarely gain insight, 9% lack the tools, and 2% don't have access to the data.
  • SEMPO L.A. Panel Explores Facebook Retargeting
    Facebook opened Exchange in September. Why is there so much buzz? Search marketers at a SEMPO L.A. panel discussion focused on retargeting user behavior, cost and ability to quickly scale.
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