Adobe Finds Profit In Tweets Via Twitter API

Twitter-Bird-Logo-ATwitter has inked a deal with Adobe Systems, Salesforce, Shift, TBG Digital, and HootSuite that will up its social game without allowing brand marketers to become annoying and obnoxious. This should make it easier for search marketers to understand the benefits because those working with Twitter’s initial set of Ads API partners can easily integrate their existing ad management software with Twitter accounts to automate ads on the site.

The social site announced in a blog post initial tests with partners since January using the ad application programming interfaces (APIs). The feature should provide advertisers a “fuller set of options to manage advertising on Twitter,” wrote April Underwood, product manager of revenue at Twitter. 

Twitter, the first social site to get mobile correct, earned $138 million in mobile ad revenue worldwide in 2012, according to eMarketer. The data firm estimates that this year the company could earn more than half its global ad revenue -- about $289 million -- from mobile ads.

Total global revenue grew 106.7% to $288.3 million last year, according to eMarketer. This year, the company should see revenue reach $545.2 million. By 2014, eMarketer estimates Twitter will earn more than $800 million in ad revenue worldwide.

As an early Twitter Ads API partner, Adobe pointed to results from some of its client’s first Twitter Ads API campaigns using Adobe Media Optimizer, which manages $2 billion in annual ad spend, to support, optimize, and forecast performance on social, search, and display campaigns.

Adobe said it worked with Levi Strauss, Threadless, and a few other Adobe accounts that use Twitters' Promoted Accounts to grow its Twitter followers through Adobe Marketing Cloud. One of the more important findings: Adobe saw the total cost per follow (CPF) decline by nearly 60% or approximately $2, while supporting an increase of followers by 63% through granular testing of different bids.

Prior to the campaign, Adobe saw steady organic growth at around two dozen followers per day, and with Promoted Accounts Adobe, the growth rate rose an average of more than 400 new followers per day.

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